Incentivising Sharing

Here we explore our current publishing structures and how these can be modified to incentivise sharing.

Articles published on this platform will be associated with a variety of quantitative and qualitative metrics to provide open, article-level information, allowing the article to be evaluated on these areas. Transparent refereeing of all articles will also provide an important additional assessment at the article level, in addition to more traditional measures such as views, downloads and citations.

One of the long-term aims of this approach is to start a shift in research and researcher assessment away from journal-based measures and towards direct assessment of the output itself, whether it be an article or another form such as a dataset or software tool. Many funders and organisations including Wellcome and the UK REF (Research Excellence framework) have stated that they believe that researcher assessment should be based on the intrinsic value of the research, and not on the venue of publication.

# Acknowledgement

We are using the CRediT taxonomy to capture author contributions as we believe that having more detail of who did what brings transparency, enables recognition for researchers, and provides greater accountability for all involved. Upon submission you will be asked to select from a 14-item list, all the contributions made by each author. For more information see -

Anyone who has contributed to the study but does not meet the criteria for authorship should be listed in the Acknowledgments section. It is the authors responsibility to obtain permission to include the name and affiliation, from all those mentioned in the Acknowledgments section.