Science in Public

How, how much, and why science should be conducted in public. Notes from the Mozilla open Science Call can be found here etherpad

  • Results should be repeatable
  • Results should be timely
  • Results should be archival
  • Results need not be profound
  • Results need not expose tangential innovation

We will consider the value of mechanisms built into federated wiki that provide direct support for well considered science in public.

Open Science is naturally conducted in public, and both can benefit from some structural tools that support openness.

A citation index is a kind of bibliographic database, an index of citations between publications, allowing the user to easily establish which later documents cite which earlier documents.

A Maven Index is a reputation metric derived from the success of an individual in knowledgeably assessing the quality of other peoples scientific work.

Consider LCA roots of federated approach.

Consider DSLs for laboratory instrument control.

I asked the wikipedia research list when one might publish results. Many of the ideas for wiki in scienc were spawned from Samuel Klein's response. email He says, I don't know... how about:

Consider Peer Review Scam within current practice.

Consider protections provided by federated publication.

Science Commons (SC) was a Creative Commons project for designing strategies and tools for faster, more efficient web-enabled scientific research.